How do I Write a Poem?
Many people find writing poetry hard to tackle.  They have this creative well inside of them bursting forth with feeling, but the thought of confining those emotions to a few short formatted words sounds unattainable and downright confining.  I’m here to tell you that poetry doesn’t have to be hard.

The Danger of Over-Planning
I’m a planner.  I create plans for deadlines every month, every week, day by day, and even moment by moment.  Sometimes I use lists, sometimes I type out plans, and sometimes I put events on my Google calendar.  But mostly, the plans are in my head.  I think I’m improving myself, but in actuality I’m confining myself, minute by minute.


We never know what goes on behind a smile or in the mind of someone we know. This teenager's life is all too familiar, as we all have unspoken struggles every single day. It's okay to voice our struggles because in doing so, we shine a light in the places in our psyche that need love and attention. And by doing so, we become stronger, realizing we are not alone.

Though the feeling of being trapped is common among adults, a complete overhaul of life is usually not an option. This story shows the power of a single conversation. A new perspective is born, and with it, a new lease on life.

This Time

The boundaries of time are breached for one last chance to change the history of one life, as the power of words work their magic.

The Disease (part 1)
The Disease (part 2)

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